Oedipus rehearsals day 4

We began with stretches, a few Zeus Squats (feel the burn!) and an exercise that revealed our
beautiful ‘swan legs’ to the world. So after taming our creaking
joints we moved into a relaxation exercise that was touched upon
yesterday. This exercise is centred on finding a company focus, we
breathed together and relaxed our bodies together.
The group played around with timing and slow-motion
influenced from music. This added a certain weight and grounding
to the action and as a result was utterly compelling to watch. So an
all round great morning! Some of the things that were created and
discovered really helped ground our view of the play and most
importantly helped to cement our growing relationship as a company.
The second half of the day was dedicated to creating a musical anthem
for our production. We were introduced to James (Oedipus’s MD) and
were tasked with creating a national anthem for our wondrous nation of
Thebes. Verses of glory and triumph echoed throughout Camberwell for
the latter half of the day. Oh, Apollo would be proud!


Day 4 of Oedipus rehearsals has been devoted to movement and music. A breathing exercise turned into a movement improvisation, with the actors responding physically to music – to haunting results! Our composer joined us for the afternoon session, and the Blue Elephant Theatre rang out with Frere Jacques, and the actors’ compositions of the Theban National Anthem.



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