Oedipus Rehearsals day 5

One week of rehearsals under our belt – and what a week! Today’s warm up was about the vocal (so no dreaded zeus squats!) as we were focusing on text, getting to grips with the height of power and adoration Oedipus enjoys at the play’s start. The afternoon was spent presenting research. It was wonderful to hear the passion the actors had developed for their given subjects, and all said how useful it was to help gain insight into their characters as living in a world. It’ll be exciting to see how it affects them and what they bring to the script on Monday as a result.



Friday. The last day of the first week. Wow, it’s gone quickly! After
 our warm up today we played a variation of of the game Chaos. Instead
 of throwing a ball to one another we threw vowels! This was a great
 way to warm up the voice and, if you’re not careful, strain it (as I
 did…Naughty!). Sounding like an asthmatic frog probably wasn’t the
 best way to start the next game which consisted of shouting
 obscenities across the room to one another (we are a lovely bunch!).
 So after this rather raucous morning we jumped into very in-depth text
 work. In this session we discovered even more symbolism and hidden
 meaning within the text. This was explored and discussed and really
 began to help us understand, in greater detail, the patterns and
 thread of the text in front of us. The afternoon was taken up with
 presenting our research. There were six group, each had a different
 topic and were allocated 5 minutes (give or take 20 minutes) to
 present everything they knew. These presentations were very
 informative and each added another shade to the canvas of our OEDIPUS
 painting. Research is so important for a rehearsal process because it
 gives a company a solid ground to build up from. It adds a clear and
 relatable meaning to characters, motives and the settings of a play as
 well as giving grounding to many other variables that create the world
 that an audience sees. So it’s been a great week. We all can’t believe
 it’s gone so quickly! Bring on week 2!



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