Oedipus rehearsals Day 6

Day 6 in the Oedipus House…

The Thebans explored death, destruction and dictators…but on the happier side, the “keepy-uppy” record was completely smashed!

Go team!

This Monday has begun with a bang, and progress is indeed evident; lines are being cemented (we’re getting there!), characters are developing and I think everyone in the warm-ups are now able to touch their toes!

Today’s really made us all think about the tactics of today’s orators, what they say, how they say it, what their intentions really are, what mustache they don…important things like that! I suppose I never really thought of Oedipus as a dictator per-se but now we’ve done the research I’ve noticed some freekish similarities. I’ve not quite picked out the apt facial hair that suits such a fellow as Oedipus but I’m pretty sure he’s not the simple Sagittarius walks-on-the-beach holdy-hands kindof guy I hoped he’d be…

I wonder what impressions tomorrow’s rehearsals will put into the grey matter!


Today was the start of our second week! Rehearsals commenced this morning with some creaky stretches and those evil Frog Squats. Pain like never before! To get us ready for a day of textual analysis we had a good mental warm up with a three ball chaos variant. This then helped us on our way to reaching a record score of 110 in keepy ups!!! We all got very excited. So after this elated morning we compiled together our homework. This consisted of text related images, images and the actions of dictators from across the world, and our own interpretations of Thebes’ relentless enemy. We discussed these in detail and this led on to the next section of the morning; exploring the main themes of the play and the antitheses of these themes. Our biggies were WAR & PEACE, LIGHT & DARK, FATE & CHOICE (‘choice’ as fate’s antithesis is debatable…and BOY did we debate the hell out of it! Whew!). The second half of the day was taken up with text work, analysis and exploration. Today’s rehearsal really showed us that there are so many angles we can follow using the text, a single line could potentially mean 3-4 (and probably more) different things in relation to our adaptation. Today we also made sure that we were big enough for the Olivier! It’s beginning to get epic! Tomorrow we’ll need to go hell-for-leather to find the ceiling of this show…I think it’s going to be pretty high.



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