Oedipus Rehearsals Day 7

Day two of week two. Today, however,
had a bit of a twist; we were to explore the text as if it were an
opera! This opened up the piece and really showed us, in flamboyant
operatic style, how big and expressive it can become (obviously minus
the singing…as much as we’d all like to keep the opera bit in
there…next season?! Sorted!). Today was a text heavy day and by the
end of rehearsals our brains felt slightly fried. Despite this, we
discovered a huge amount in today’s rehearsals, new aspects of
relationships were explored as well as other angles to the text. New
things every day!



Day 7 in the Blue Elephant Theatre, the keepy-uppy challenge has continued to a new record of 117 (cue “oo”s) and Chaos transformed into a layered and terrifying beast (cue “ah”s)! As well as being fun and mentally challenging, warm up games are a great way to strengthen the ensemble, because the only way to succeed in the task set is to listen to each other and be generous. Text work started with a truly rousing operatic interpretation of the episode – Oedipus and Tiresius vocally duelled atop an underscore improvised by the company. It was to exemplify just how big Oedipus (and Greek Tragedy in general) is in terms of drama, so it set a challenge to the actors to see how far they could run with it. It’s a case of pushing it to the absolute limit, because we can always pull it back later down the line if needs be. As we worked through the text the rest of the day, the space and weight given to the text expanded, in turn raising the stakes; the tension builds…



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