Oedipus rehearsals Day 9

Today we continued our text work from where we left off on Tuesday. After our very productive movement and musical day on Wednesday our brains were refreshed and revitalised! Although we didn’t manage the epic 208 score in Keepy Ups we achieved yesterday (we only reached a measly 170ish! Pathetic!) we did make great progress through the final episodes of the play. We still have some scenes to cover but soon we will be able to start making the big decisions that will potentially govern the final product. Revelations were reached and explored today (mostly of the bad kind…poor Oedipus) and it was great to see these evolve and come to life in the space. Exciting stuff!


In yesterday’s movement and music rehearsal, the question on everyone’s lips wasn’t how low can you go but how slow can you go, as we began playing with ideas for the slow motion movement pieces. We want to create the antithesis of the glorious way that war is spoken about by the victors, with the horror and destruction the soldiers actually endure. No better way to spend a Wednesday, I think!

This morning my “Happy Valentines Day!” was generally greeted with groans – bar a few who had turned up in their finery, ready for their evening plans. We spent the day working on text, and it whizzed by! As Tiresius says, “words, words and more and yet more”! In discussing what is actually being said and why, some really exciting things have been discovered and will be explored further in staging.



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