Oedipus Rehearsals Day 11

Any day started with a parade is going to be a goodun, and today certainly proved this with a morning FASHION parade nonetheless! LFW YOU have stiff competition from Lazarus costume extraordinaire Alice……. on the scene,the Thebans certainly brought some camo glam to the Blue elephant theatre if there is indeed such a thing!
With the important addition of costume we ploughed on and set about polishing this testing tragedy with the company of the lovely Gavin…. the associate director of Lazarus. And,despite dropping the ball a few times in the warm up (we’ll get there soon guys!) The cast’s handling of this piece of Greek is getting better and better. 
It’s exciting to see the weeks of research, collage-building and exploration really coming together, along with exciting tit-bits trickling into the rehearsal room from the creative team, ooff I just can’t wait for those tech days…no, but seriously!



Day one of week three, our final rehearsal week. Wow, it’s gone fast! Today we started with a company costume parade. In trudged the weary yet elated veterans of Thebes’ army and the battlefield nurses, Creon and Oedipus in their finery and war gear, and Jocasta in a beautiful flowing gown. After alterations to the costumes were done and “oh”s and “ah”s were exchanged we began our warm up. No Zeus or Frog squats today (they’re coming though, I can feel it in my bones!) and no luck getting the ball-of-fun into the box-of-joy. So, after this slightly disappointing game (soon, very soon, we’ll manage it!) we began the process of finalising the staging for the piece. We managed to get through a fair bit today and it was really great to see the world of OEDIPUS taking a clear and concrete shape. Tomorrow will see more staging and, as a result, even more of the world becoming tangible. This week is going to get epic!



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