Oedipus Rehearsals day 14

It’s the penultimate day of rehearsal and it has whizzed by! After a successful local flyer drop last night, we were all raring to go this morning. We’ve used today to really nail down the movement pieces, which has been beneficial to all – particularly the Nurses who are now super confident and exciting with what they are doing. With the basic skeleton of the play conquered, everyone is now enjoying adding the flesh and blood to the performance, and boy will it be bloody! (alternative: and I tell you what…it’s looking sexy!) Make sure you book tickets now to avoid disappointment.


Today was our penultimate day of rehearsals. Hard to believe, right?! We began with a morning of notes and discussions primarily focused on yesterday’s work-in-progress presentation and run-through. Discussions focussed on topics such as character relationships, the sub-text of specific lines and what these meant to the individual, the importance of ensemble and listening, as well as many other things. This morning, thanks to the feedback from the work-in-progress, was a real insight into what an audience will potentially see in our production of OEDIPUS. Questions like ‘did they get it?’ ,’did they understand the characters?’, ‘did they feel connected to our story?’, were all answered in very detailed and informative ways. This has helped us to really get a clear grasp on what we have to do to get the same questions answered (and more) in the next few weeks.
The second half of our day was taken up with the finalisation of the movement sections in the piece. Bach’s Ave Maria and OEDIPUS’ composer James’ rendition of Thebes’ national anthem was all that could be heard through the walls of The Blue Elephant. Haunting yet peaceful music accompanying scenes of war and destruction. Tomorrow is the final day of rehearsals! And it’s really going to get epic.
God save Oedipus! Shield our King! Triumph in glory! Triumph in all!



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