Oedipus Rehearsals Day 15

Well well well, this week has been a full one indeed! Yesterday alone we had touching up of scenes, games and even a full run, superb!
 After the exclusive interview conducted by associate director Gavin Harringon-Odedra with Robin Holden and Alec Parkinson (available shortly) we cracked on with the finest game I have EVER come to know, ‘Whats My Line?’ The basic aim is one team must distract the other from hearing an actor in the space try and deliver their line clearly. Well! A fight to the death insued some may say! There where hands thrown, legs twisted and bodies pinned, the desperation from all sides made it a sight fit for something produced by Simon Cowell. I fear the whole cast is being possessed by their thuggish Theban characters!
 This weekend is going to be brimming with technical preparation, Monday is going to see all guns blazing into a 3 day tech, the magic of the vision will I’m sure ensue.
 And! A little Grecian birdy tells me that there will be some production shots taken by the wonderful photographer Adam Trigg. so you can all have a sneaky peek into the world of Oedipus and decide once and for all if you dare to see more…Tickets are on sale…


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