Oedipus rehearsals – get in day

Day one of production week. Today began early for the production team, with them tackling the set up of the set and lighting. By midday the lighting was rigged, the set was built and smoke machines plugged in! By one o’clock the actors arrived (oh we had it easy today). For us the day began with a costume parade. Trench-coats and tin hats were added along with an oddly stiff poncho (not sure I want to know it’s story). Ed ended up looking very fashionable in his many layered outfit and tin hat, or as fashionable as a homeless shepherd can be without his sheep! After this we had notes from the run-through on Friday. Key themes from the discussion centred on increasing the pace, textual accuracy and focus of the piece. Finally we got to explore the wonderfully transformed space at The Blue Elephant. Max’s set design coupled with Rachel’s lighting suddenly made the world of OEDIPUS appear right in front of our eyes. Exciting stuff! Tomorrow we continue with our technical rehearsal and have our first preview. It’s going to get busy!



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