Oedipus Press

“Lazarus Theatre Company’s Bold Adaptation combines a Supernatural Soundtrack, Eerie Lighting and Choral Shocks”

“Max Dorey’s Minimalist set allows full play to Ricky Dukes’ well-choreographed direction. Nick Kent’s Striking Soundtrack and Rachel Smith’s Directional Lighting add an Otherworldly Sense of Menace.”

“Robin Holden Leads a Strong Cast, in a Commanding performance as Oedipus.”

Sheila Cornelius, Remote Goat

“Dukes has brought the Action into a Contemporary War Zone with a set Littered with the Remnants of mortar attacks and a Chorus of Nurses offering Aid to the Wounded as well as Commentary.”

“The Choreography – an Ensemble in Slow-Motion – adds to the Eerie Sense of Inevitability”

Paul Vale, The Stage

“Lazarus Theatre Company, have become a Staple of London fringe theatre with their Punchy and Theatrically Innovative Retellings of the Classics.”

“Oedipus doesn’t Disappoint, as it has all of the Visual Flair and Concise Storytelling you’d Expect from a Lazarus production.”

“Chillingly Good”

“A Great Ensemble Piece”


Greg Jameson, Entertainment Focus

“They Could Teach more Lavishly Funded Companies a thing or two”


Roger Mortimer-Smith, One Stop Arts


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