Lear and Dido rehearsals Day 2

Day 2 of our Lear and Dido rehearsal process. And what a way to start the day, arriving in a rehearsal room pierced by shafts of bright morning light! Very refreshing! So after some quick sun soaking we began by viewing and discussing more imagery that will help us create our production of Lear and lay the foundations for discovering Carthage. We viewed frozen landscapes, scenes of revolution and destruction, catacombs and corridors, a photo-scape of the beautiful city of St Petersburg and the grandeur of palaces throughout Russia. Oh our imagination was going wild! Even before warm up!
Following this we delved into what became a relentless movement session, lasting till lunch. We explored different methods of how to travel through the rehearsal room and discussed how these methods influenced power, interaction with others and the integrity of a community.
Leading on from this exploration of travelling, we were tasked with creating pieces of character and text inspired movement. These movement pieces are the base metaphor for the chaos that we see (and, in some sense, are blind to) within Lear’s kingdom and, man, did it get chaotic! These pieces were created from the wants, fears and the needs of Shakespeare’s tragic characters and what was created was definitely, in my view, quite powerful (albeit a little sweaty!).
Tomorrow we delve into research spanning from the culture of Jacobean and Elizabethan Britain, the architecture of 1917 Russia, the role of women in a 1940’s society and many other topics. Lets hope our brains hold up!



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