LEAR and DIDO Rehearsal Day 3

The third day of rehearsals down and we’re starting to gather pace on Lear. We choreographed and set the opening sequence today and created some beautiful and shocking imagery that will open the play with a blast of energy.

We also had a really interesting morning presenting our research topics back to the group. There was so much useful information to ground both of the plays. In particular, it’s the tiny specific details that prove the most helpful to me. For instance, the ‘role of women’ research group found a great image of Russian Revolutionary women soldiers lining up to have their heads shaved ready for service. There was a whole gamut of information to take in – from the type of floors in the buildings and how the architecture of each period would feel to live in, to the ‘make-up’ (including elements of mercury and sulphur) that Elizabethan noble women would wear every day. The research has contributed so much to findings great levels of specificity in the plays that I feel I can come back to both texts with some fresh perspectives and much deeper understanding.



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