LEAR and DIDO Rehearsals Day 4

Day 4. We tackle Dido! We began today with a quick warm up and a character name game (oh it’s all still a bit confusing) and then dived straight into breaking down Dido Queen of Carthage . This entailed the company breaking down what was occurring onstage and accenting offstage, in expressive and overplayed ways, the major points of what were being said. We charted themes, imagery, subject matter and other information that will help us map the journey of the play later in the process. Oh, we do know how to have fun. So, by lunch we had reached the interval and after some cheeky shenanigans in Dido’s cave (oh, naughty!) we were able to map out the first act. Visual patterns began to form between scenes and stresses on themes and imagery became much more apparent after seeing the play up on its feet. Being able to listen and react opened up the play massively in comparison to how it would have been if we were to sit down and read it. After lunch James, Lazarus’ project composer, came in to teach us some wonderful songs he had been working on. There was one for Dido and one for Lear and, after our screeching and keening had finally settled, they both began to sound rather beautiful. Next week we’re learning more of James’ pieces and I think we’re all very much looking forward to it.
Today was a great day to see Marlowe’s play (both first and second acts) up on it’s feet, but we have literally only scratched the surface. Tomorrow, our final day of week one (By Jupiter, it’s gone quick!), we will delve even deeper into the text. Bring on the singing and dancing!



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