LEAR and DIDO Rehearsals Day 5

Day five of rehearsals brings the first week to a close and we’ve packed so much in already. We had another amazing workshop withAscanius (Our Puppet Boy) and found out just how tough operating a puppet can be – you can get frozen in some very uncomfortable positions for a long time! Apart from being very demanding though, getting to work with Ascanius, our puppet – and Alice, our lovely puppeteer, is a fantastic experience. We’re all getting to grips with examining all the details of exactly how this puppet walks, lies down and breathes, where he focuses and what he pays attention to. It’s a real process of getting to know him as well as how to work together to operate him. Best of all though, are the tiny moments when his perspective on the world suddenly come to life in his movement. Seeing how his personality will shine through when we’ve mastered him is really exciting.

We also set the opening sequence to Dido today! Using some of the beautiful music that we learnt earlier in the week underneath the Prologue, we set the tone of a contented, earthy idyll. This serves as a brilliant foundation for the play as Carthage is instantly set up as the ‘Golden Age’ sanctuary which Aeneas has fled to. This is pretty abruptly broken by the Gods and their mischief though which really enables us to dive straight into the play. If the opening sequence is anything to judge by, the rest of the play will race forward with a lot of pace and energy!



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