LEAR and DIDO Rehearsals Day 9

Today we continued our breakdown of the Lear text. The past two days have seen the world of Lear go from the beautiful and idyllic to the dangerous and dark, and having this come alive in today’s rehearsals was great to watch and be part of. The reality of Lear’s world has started to show it’s cracks, revolutions have openly begun and leaders are slowly but surely  being overthrown.
Today, as well as really digging deeper into Lear, we achieved something incredible. We got the Ball of Fun into the Box of Joy! On the first go! The excitement in the room was palpable, which then helped us leap into (literally) an exercise that explored the use of shared kinetic energy to move through the space. By the end of this exercise we were practically flying through the air as well as traveling through the space. Today has really helped us to focus on the shared aspect of our work, it’s ebb and flow and the methods of keeping this energy alive in exercise scenarios as well as scene scenarios. 
Tomorrow we continue with both Dido and Lear, compiling all the work we have done so far. Exciting stuff! 
Thursday of week two. This morning we looked at physicalising the characters’ impulse to take action using exercises focused on kinetic energy and looking at how this energy emerges and flows in both plays. It was interesting to see so viscerally how we can play off one another to propel others, and be prompted ourselves, into decisive action. There’s a strong current of cause and effect in constant motion rippling underneath both plays in the way that there’s no pause for breath – everything started always forces another chain reaction, which is giving us a great sense of pace as the plays unfold in rehearsals. We let this work affect both our vision of the play and our physicalities today as we continued to explore Lear.

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