LEAR and DIDO Rehearsals Day 10

The end of week 2 has brought injuries and achievements alike. The whole company managed to get the ball in the bin first attempt – shows what you can achieve when you focus, listen and work together! It was also great to see the ensemble spirit in a game that left company members battered, bruised and Gavin even popped a rib – but all were determined not to leave a company member behind. We finished the week with a double day, Lear in the morning and Dido in the afternoon.We’re moving steadily through the text, which can be dense at times, but as Ricky says we’d rather spend the time and do it properly. I tell you what though, Lear looks set to be explosive.
However, where Lear explodes, Dido corrodes. I have to say I’m very excited to bring Dido to an audience who might have never seen or heard of the play previously – I hadn’t! – and show them what a fantastic and important playwright Christopher Marlowe is. So we’ve got to make sure we do him justice! Bring on next week.


Day 10, the final day of week two. Today we carried on exploring both Lear and Dido. The first half of the day was dedicated to Lear and ended with a consolidation of what we have created with the text so far. It was great to see and to get a feel of how the show will run at the Greenwich, but there’s still lots more to do!

Before we began on Dido, Ricky introduced a new game with (once again) an explicit title. This game involved 3 teams, some scary crocodiles and very ‘dirty’ water. The aim of the game was to get all of your team past the crocodiles and in the safe area at the other end of the room without touching the ‘dirty’ water. However, only one person was permitted to carry the team across and each person had to be carried in a different way. By the end of this it really did feel like we’d all been fighting against the Greeks at Troy. And some of us have got the scars to prove it!
So, Dido today was focussed mainly on exploring deeper into text. Umbrellas, Ascanius and some paper doves made their appearances as well as Rachel and Alice who are working on costume for the two shows. We saw Lear in an incredible coat, Dido was running around the space testing out her dresses and all the Trojans were admiring how good they looked in ruffled shirts!

There’s much more work to do, but also lots more fun to be had. Week no. 3 is going to get epic.

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