Spanish Tragedy Workshop Day 2

DEATH was the theme of the day for our second workshop, and we started the day off with a round of “Chaos”: a game where the group creates patterns using sequences of words and actions that pass around the circle, adding level by level until several sequences are occurring at once. It takes a great deal of concentration and team work, and is rather mesmerising to observe! Next, we dove into an analysis of three plays which each present death and ghosts in different ways: Hamlet, Hecuba and The White Devil. We began to explore ideas for physically representing a ghost on stage and presented these to each other for discussion. The Blue Elephant Theatre had their open afternoon and we found that we had a rather sizeable audience for our experimental performances! Some very interesting ideas came to life onstage: the Hecuba group used choral delivery of their ghostly speech for extra emphasis and effect, the Hamlet group created tension through a soundscape and brought the ghost to life through character reactions to empty space, while the White Devil group had three actors create a very physical and menacing ghost which advances on Flamineo and throws dirt in his face. All in all a very exciting exploration which has whetted our appetites for staging Kyd’s ghostly scenes in September…


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