Spanish Tragedy Workshop Day 3

Day 3 of Spanish Tragedy workshops and today we were focusing on dividing the play into French Scenes and drawing out references to important themes and motifs such as Family, Death, Time, Love, and Power. Ricky, our Director, marked out a shape on the stage which we termed the “Text Square”, and we proceeded through the play with actors jumping into the square to perform their scenes. French Scenes divide plays at any point that a character enters or exits from the stage, so we marked these divides by playing music (which the actors physicalised, keeping energy and fun levels high!). Those not in the scene being performed supported the scene through soundscaping, physicalising and reacting to the dialogue. It was a fantastic way to really explore the play as an ensemble and begin to understand its structure. Meanwhile, in “Dictionary Corner” a group got out the coloured pens and noted down all references to our key themes. At the end of the session we noted some very interesting patterns: Love is a key theme at first but references to it suddenly disappear around halfway through the play… Death is mentioned in almost every scene… and although a ghost is a lead figure in the play, no one ever mentions ghosts or a ghostly presence… It was fascinating stuff, and as we continue our French Sceneing work next time I’m sure there’ll be many more interesting structural and thematic patterns that’ll emerge and inform our interpretation of the play. We’re all very excited to begin rehearsals!


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