Spanish Tragedy Rehearsals Day 1

So the day finally arrived that we had all been waiting for – first day of rehearsals! After a warm welcome from the manager of the Blue Elephant Theatre and introductions by our director Ricky, we progressed to another first – a full read-through of the play with our company. It was an intriguing and thought-provoking first look at the play, which left us all excited about delving deeper in our next sessions! Later in the afternoon, we looked at a collation of pictures that the actors had been asked to bring in and share – one that depicted their own character and another, which for them, characterised The Spanish Tragedy as a whole. We were surprised with some brilliantly abstract examples, as well as some elegantly simple offerings. My personal favourite moment of this exercise must have been when our actors Jamie and James – playing Balthazar and Lorenzo respectively – chose a picture that showed a business-like handshake occurring, with a shadow of a man in the background about to be stabbed in the back. Not only did this demonstrate what the play clearly meant for our two “villains”, but it highlighted the preoccupation with promises, money and the inevitable betrayals done for these causes within the framework of the play. All in all, a productive first day that left us with plenty of things to think about in preparation for the opening night.


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