Spanish Tragedy Rehearsal Day 2

The second day of rehearsals saw us starting with another intense hour-long warm up, which really got the adrenaline going. Listening and concentration were the key focus points, designed to equip the actors with the appropriate grounding to begin exploring French scenes. Through the combination of listening, amplifying, imitating and responding to the action in the scene, the aim was to uncover the hidden skeleton of the play. We found there was a strong emphasis on themes such as Money (which we noticed during our last workshop) and a reliance on Fortune over Religion and Faith that we had not discovered prior to the exercise. The importance of illustration and the double-bluff also featured prominently during the French scenes, as well as during our following session on Imagery, looking at subjects such as the 1500’s, warfare, death, palaces and the court, decaying buildings and early-mid 1900’s people and war.  French sceneing continues tomorrow, and I know we are all excited to see what else we will discover. Our photographer also came in today to take those all-important rehearsal shots, so keep checking in to catch a glimpse of what’s happening in the Lazarus Theatre rehearsal room at the Blue Elephant Theatre!



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