Spanish Tragedy Rehearsals Day 7

We completed the first week of rehearsals with some structural and textual analysis. After warming up, we got out our French Scene notes and starting to explore the structure of the play in more depth. We found some interesting details: noting how Hieronimo is not spoken about by other characters as much as we expected – highlighting how his pleas for justice are sidelined by those in power. We also discovered that there is a large gap in the mentioning of death or killing towards the end of the play… the calm before the storm? After discussing these structural elements, we began our in-depth textual analysis: working chronologically, we read through some of the scenes and picked them apart, looking at punctuation, meaning, connotations, key words and imagery. We got the beginning section of the play up on its feet in our “Text Square” marked on the stage, and started to see the General’s speech about the Spaniard’s recent war with Portugal come to life. Our final activity of the day was a fun one involving movement, song and devising in groups, and exploring the relationship between comedy and tragedy in melodramatic style! All-in-all a fantastic end to a productive week and lots of effort put in by all. The Blue Elephant Broom also deserves a mention today we feel – it has served us well this week, posing as a variety of objects including a flag, a weapon, a hiding place and even a husband!


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