Spanish Tragedy Rehearsals Day 10

Another week has flown by and what an interesting and productive one it has been. We finished our in-depth textual analysis of the play today, and have been paying a lot of attention to Location and Space… not only where each scene is set but also thinking about questions like: Where is the character entering from? Where are they going next? What are the sounds, sights and smells of the place they are in? Being specific about these elements really helps the actor to bring the scene and the setting to life for the audience. It can also help to clarify speeches: for example, one of Hieronimo’s soliloquies talks about two different paths he can take, both metaphorical and physical. Having specific exits that corresponded to these potential routes – which actor Danny Solomon could then physically reference during his speech – helped to make Hieronimo’s choice more clear and visceral. After completing the long but rewarding process of text work, we ran the whole play from start to finish in the afternoon. This was a chance to solidify the work we have done, to “zoom out” and view the whole structure of the play in its entirety, and for the actors to experiment with the different potential staging ideas we have come up with in discussion and practice – and to try out new ones! It was great to see the whole play up on its feet, and we’re all really looking forward to getting stuck into staging next week.


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