Spanish Tragedy Rehearsals Day 13

As staging continues, Thomas Kyd’s words are unfolding to us at a rapid speed. The story is becoming clearer and clearer every step we take towards the finalised play, and characters are starting to emerge to the point that we accidentally call our actors by their character names. Our Costume Designer, Nicki Martin-Harper has been working hard at sourcing all our costumes, and little by little, the whole picture is coming together. From the base costume of the soldiers and lords, and the sumptuous royalty of the King of Spain, through to the darker, more sinister looks of Revenge, it works perfectly in harmony. Staging-wise, we found out today that the more engaged and active our actors are, the less we need to choreograph the staging as it naturally proceeds from scene to scene without effort. This was showcased by the fact that we moved through several scenes without a stop as it just seemed to gel in together so well, it did not need any improvement. Looking forward to seeing the play fully staged in our run-through on Friday!


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