Spanish Tragedy Second Preview

The second preview for ‘The Spanish Tragedy’ at the Blue Elephant Theatre! And what a preview it was. Despite another long day for all the actors, they managed to find their inner energy and pull out a great performance. By all accounts, today’s performance was a huge step towards tomorrow’s opening night. With the interest of tying everything together with a punchy storyline and attempting to get the show into 90 minutes, a few cuts were made after last night’s performance. After an intense notes session, we proceeded to work on the scenes affected from the cuts – scenes prior and after the cut scenes. As soon as a few scenes from the middle of the play were taken out, the pace of the production accelerated with great speed. In addition to these improvements, we continued work on that beastly play-within-the-play. If I say so myself, I cannot get enough of it! Our brilliant company of actors have managed to make the audience want to egg on Hieronimo’s killing spree – and if that is not a compliment to the actors, I do not know what is! Excited about tomorrow’s press night, and the drinks afterwards!



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