Spanish Tragedy Opening Night

Anticipation was in the air on Thursday when we met at the Blue Elephant for notes and rehearsals, with everyone getting excited about opening night. The work through the day was focused and in-depth: really starting to hone and polish particular sections, and to pull apart and re-explore some that needed a bit of rejuvenation. A lot of interesting discoveries are still being made in this process and it keeps getting more and more interesting to plumb the depths of Mr Kyd’s work. With some new ideas and perspectives on the scenes under their belts, the actors prepared for opening night with a company warm-up led by cast-member Suzie, our newly nominated movement captain. The energy in the room was palpable as the audience filtered in and the show began. The company really went full-throttle and what an exciting opening night it was! New peaks and troughs, new colour and different angles were found while keeping the pace, clarity and structure that has started to truly emerge. Hopefully we will go on making new discoveries like these throughout the run, keeping the production fresh and innovative for both the actors and audiences. What an exhausting and wonderful week it’s been – much deserved drinks were enjoyed by all after the show, as we toasted Thomas Kyd for writing this marvellous play!



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