Merchant of Venice Rehearsals Day 3

Today we were under the leadership of Associate Director Gavin. After the daily warm-up (the Zeus-squats hurt a lot more than I had anticipated!), Gavin introduced a movement exercise that involved guiding a partner through pressure on the palms of their hands. This fed into an ensemble exercise in which each actor is connected to two others by bamboo canes. The aim is to keep hold of the canes with the right tension so they don’t fall, which is easier said than done when ten people are all connected. The actors soon started to keep an eye out for one another and accommodate for any sticky situations people found themselves in. Watching them then work in pairs was interesting as different dynamics were revealed in the various partnerships, some more mischievous than others! The research session in the afternoon was a chance to consolidate all our individual research on a variety of topics that relate to the play. This session brought up many excellent arguments as to how Shakespeare is definitely still relevant today, despite what some people think.



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