Merchant of Venice Rehearsals Day 15

As I write, a flurry of activity is taking place at the Jack Studio. Sunday is our get-in. The set will be brought into the theatre and the lights rigged, focused and programmed into the system. (The latter part still remains a mystery to me, it’s far too technical and involves words and devices I do not understand.) The get-in involves our director, designer, stage manager and lighting designer, each working to get their own part of the production right in conjuction with all the others. While this occurs, our cast are busy going over their scripts, exploring the language for the hundredth time and committing their literal journeys throughout the play to memory. (And yes, before you ask, in case you didn’t know, taking the set out of the theatre is indeed called the get-out!)

On Friday we had a run, our first since we staged the play, with our production team as our audience. This gave us a chance to find the moments that need further exploration – plenty of food for thought for Monday.

Our first Friday night and Saturday have sold out. Hurrah! So don’t assume there will be tickets on the night you want to come, or you might miss out on what promises to be a thrilling ride.



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