Merchant of Venice Production Week Day 1

I got that excited thrill when we entered the theatre this morning, our set ready and waiting, the first lighting state set. I hope I never lose that feeling.
Technical rehearsals are often the least favourite day/s in any director’s rehearsal schedule. They can be slow and laborious, there’s usually a lot of waiting while things are adapted and changed, the cast have to stand around a lot. Today was probably the speediest and most issue-free tech I have ever encountered! Tech rehearsals are a chance for the technical team to put in place their cues, work transitions with the cast, set lighting states and play with sound cues. These are all written into ‘The Book’, which the Stage Manager uses to run the show.
Tis the night before preview. The set is in, props are collated (most of them) and the creative team are refining and polishing. Movement is being refined now we’re in the space itself – it doesn’t matter to what extent you measure your rehearsal space to match the performance space, there will undoubtedly be unforeseens when you get in there.
A long day for our creative team. A slightly terrifying day for our cast.



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