Merchant of Venice First Preview

I do not ruddy bloody believe it. We have just offered up our show to an audience for the first time. I’m not sure how I feel about that. It’s ours. I’m not sure I want other people watching it, I am too protective over it. I feel like my child has gone to school for the first time. If any of those other shitty little kids dare bully it or say they don’t like it then I shall hide it in a Rapunzel-esk tower.

That is what one half of my mind says. The other says “fuck ’em” and realistically that is the healthiest attitude to take. If I offer everything to you as an audience as do the rest of my cast and you don’t like it then that is fair enough! So long as we made you feel something. The the job is done. There is still a lot of work to be done. “Safe” is the worst place to be in a show. It’s boring. You should feel vulnerable 100% of the time. Your natural reaction should be thinking “oh god, I look like a dick” then, if you are an actor worth your salt then you should squash that little voice and commit even more to what you were just doing and I think we, as a cast could continue to do that and as Ricky said in a Braveheart style rousing battle cry. “Throw back those shoulders, breath and say fuck it. ”



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