Merchant of Venice Opening Night

The Merchant Bus is officially on its journey! Thursday evening was our Press and Opening night. There are only eighty seats left for the entire run, which in a 50-seat theatre will go pretty fast. (Hint, hint.)

The cast were ready and raring to go last night. Despite Ricky’s game at the end of the afternoon inducing suspicion in all of us, leading to accusations, charges and revelations (all in the name of the game I assure you!), there was a real ensemble feel as the cast warmed up. At the five minute call the Jack Studio was a cacophony of noise as actors threw various lines around the space. The excitment was palpable. The was energy up. The audience were waiting. The haze was billowing. In my opinion, the show was the best yet. Not perfect, but many steps up from our first preview just two nights before. Ricky, the creative team and the cast have done tremendous work these past few days, and it shows in the performance. Our audience were brilliant, and not only in their laughter. Our final scene was the strongest it’s been yet, the cast are really finding their feet and starting to enjoy themselves. All of which bodes well for a successful run.



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