Merchant if Venice 3rd December

Firstly let me say that despite what I am about to go off on one about. Tonight’s audience were lovely and gave a wonderful response during the curtain call. They were attentive and for the most part, totally invested. But… 5 people ruined the performance for me tonight. Perhaps times have changed and as technology advances so must our etiquette rules adapt to suit but I still find it bloody rude and off putting to text from your phone during a performance. Especially when you are about a foot away from the stage. You aren’t being discreet. How can you be? There is a giant glow lighting up your big stupid face. Is this what we have become? That we cannot survive an hour and a half without texting/angry birdsing or tweeting. “@stupidtheatregoer lols I’m @ theatre. #jew #shakespeare”

I’m sure you are all lovely people and would be mortified to know that you had upset someone by something that is probably force of habit but please, please, please, please turn your phones off. Not silent where it vibrates for 2 minutes every thirty seconds but OFF. I know I sound dramatic but that is exactly the point! I’m essentially standing in front of you pretending to be someone else. Living in a different time going through totally fabricated events. It is hard enough without the reminder that actually most shakespearian problems could have been solved in the first act with a quick google. Thank you for indulging my tantrum and I really do hope the audience enjoyed the show tonight because it was a good one. I’m just going to pick my toys up now and put them back in my pram.


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  1. Well said! If somebody seriously has trouble going a few hours without texting, they need phone rehab. Angry Birds is a different matter, It is a horrible thing you just can’t cure. No, I’m kidding. It’s all about Candy Crush.
    Good blog, now following, looking forward to future posts! xx

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