Richard III Workshop

There’s nothing better when a company of Actors meet for the first time. You’ve got; Excitement, check! Nerves, check! Creative mind, check! and a willingness to play, CHECK!
We spent the two days simply doing that, playing. Having sweaty fun, exploring ideas to give us clues as to the world we’re to build. Ultimately we’re together for the same reason, an ensemble company creating our Richard III, so it was great to leave the workshop understanding and all singing off the same Hymn sheet (Hmmm).
We’ve a big BIG task and I’m truly excited by the challenge. We’ll be updating the Blog along the way to give an insight into our process. Till next time. Back to my limp.



Sticks, balls and musical fights! The Richard III adventure was kick started by two days of playing games, devising and text work. It felt like a real warm up for the rest of the rehearsal process. Over the course of the two days there was lots of hard work, energy, laughter and sweat. The workshop felt like a playground of experimentation where music, bamboo sticks and tennis balls came in very handy. It was a great opportunity for the cast of 14 to get to know each other and I think there is a real excitement to get going on the three weeks of rehearsal. So let the next step in this epic journey commence, I’m off to learn my lines! But first stop, the trailer shoot…




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