Richard III Brainstorming

Yesterday, I met with our Richard (Prince Plockey) and our director (Gavin Harrington-Odedra) for a casual creative brainstorming in Balham.

After getting settled, drinks in hand, we started discussing the play. Let me give you a taste of the subjects we touched on. Stylistically, our characters will be evolving in a very opulent world corrupted by excess. There will be a “Great Gatsby-like” atmosphere at the beginning of the play. Now, don’t get confused – this won’t be set in the 1920’s. The setting is very much a contemporary kind of world with a surrealistic feel. Can’t wait to see what the costumes will look like!

We also tried figuring out who exactly Richard Plantagenet is. What are his demons? What saves him in the spectator’s eyes? When goes he from “determined to prove a villain” to wanting to be King?  We tried finding him a spirit animal and looking at his evolution throughout Gavin’s version of the play to try and clarify those questions.

All in all, it was a very interesting informative meeting and it really helped us figure out more about our enigmatic main character.

Today – on with the trailer’s shooting! More info on that in a later post.




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