Richard III Rehearsals Day 1

Yesterday was our first rehearsal.
We started off with a reading of the text with all the cast, Ricky Dukes (artistic director) and Gavin Harrington-Odedra (director.) This was followed by a good some feed back from Ricky and Gavin and some advice on imagery, alliterations and intention in relation to situation.
Then we had a long lunch break during which Rosanna …. (costume designer) took all the measurements of the cast and we had a quick talk about costumes and styling.
The afternoon was spent in team building exercises and experimentation on types of walks and what they can bring to a character. We finished the day with some thoughts on how to stage a good hanging.
Next – The team goes on a field trip back in time…


It’s finally started! After workshops, a trailer shoot, research and line learning, rehearsals have begun! Today we jumped straight in with a script read through, allowing us to get the play and people to fall into place in our heads. Then of course the day wouldn’t be complete without a couple of drama games before trying out some ways to stage a death. Tomorrow were off on a field trip…


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