Richard III Rehearsals Day 2

What a day! I’m exhausted from our research field trip. We started the day at The National Portrait Gallery, where we were able to admire the portraits of Richard and other important characters. Next we walked to St Pauls to find out a bit more about the religious element in the play and what significance it might have in us telling this story. We then stopped at a lovely pub for lunch one of the few pubs in London that could justify the ‘Ye Olde’ in its name. It was very old! Then finally we visited the Museum Of London to discover the history of this great city and how the story we are telling fits into all of that. Back to the rehearsal room tomorrow…

Tuesday was all about our walk through London and through time.
We started with a visit of the National Portrait Gallery and paintings of the great kings and heads of state mentioned in Richard III which was quite instructive. It gave us a good perspective on how they were represented and viewed by their contemporaries but also by the next generations of rulers and artists as most of the portrait we saw were painted after their deaths.
We walked from there to St Paul’s Cathedral where we first sat through communion service to gain a sense of what a religious ceremony actually feels like and then strolled around the church to get a good feel of the place.
From there we headed toYe Olde Cheshire Cheese for lunch (a pub rebuilt in 1666 after the great fire of London) followed by the Museum of London’s medieval section to see how people lived at the time and get some more knowledge of the time the play is set and was written in.



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