Richard III Rehearsals Day 4

Well rehearsals are in full swing, with our first week nearly done! We’ve been informed that tomorrow will be a hot sweaty day… I wonder what it will be! Today was a morning of movement, were almost ready for battle! Then an afternoon of text work. I think it’s amazing the amount of work that you could do just looking at the text, many many weeks just studying the words. But if we did that then we wouldn’t have a play, so we must crack on! Let the fun and hard work continue.



On Thursday the day started off with some exercises on slow motion which started with simple slow motion walk and ended with a beautiful slow mo battlefield.
In the afternoon was the first time we read our Lady Anne.
We oversaw her first scene and analysed its meaning. She is the first woman we meet in the play. What is the significance of this specific character? Is she a victim, a fighter or both? How do we want people to see her? 
We dissected her first speech to see the changes in her composure and her thoughts. We then went on to Richard “wooing” Anne and looked for a pivotal point where Richard manages to dominate the dialogue.
Many more questions arose to be answered in the days to come but we are already finding our marks and getting a deeper understanding of the world we are creating.

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