Richard III Rehearsals Week 1

Well we made it! The first week is done and what a week it has been! It has been inspiring to see the amount of talent in the room and everybody has thrown themselves into the process meaning there is a lot of hard but exciting work going on. It is obvious to me that everybody wants this to be a great production, which shows through the amount of effort everybody is putting into the work. The space we’ve created so far has been fun and creative and not to forget sweaty! So bring it on, let’s see what this next week holds in store for the company…



So, here it is, end of week 1. Incredible how the week flies when you’re having fun. And a hellova week it’s been!!!

I’m tired, I ache,  my mind is crammed and it doesn’t stop there. I WANT more. It’s a lengthy process breaking down this mammoth play but to aid us we’ve taken trips around town heading to the key areas mentioned in the play. Such as St Paul’s, which for me was incredible. The sheer magnificence and grandeur of the building blew me away and it baffles me how you forget such a place in London.

Is Richard religious?

If I say yes, what does that mean about his character and the actions he takes?


I’ve lots to think about!



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