Richard III Rehearsals Day 6

Another week of rehearsal begins.
What a better way to begin the week than with a song? The whole cast got to put some religious and shakespearian words in music today to create a musical theme we might use in our production. The result was heavenly. We still have to work out the exact order of the sentences but we have already found our voice.
In the afternoon, we worked some more on battles with a staging of our version of the war of the roses. We decided on groups and choreographies for Richard’s last battle.
Tomorrow some more staging and revision of today’s work.

It was great to be back in the rehearsal room after a restful weekend away! It felt like we got a lot done today. We spent the morning composing a musical number for our production, so watch this space. We promise to keep jazz hands to a minimum! I jest! This afternoon we spent on the battlefield, the armies are gathering the weapons are ready but who will be victorious? I reckon you should come and find out…



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