Richard III Rehearsals Day 8

We are now half way through our rehearsals and what an amazing journey so far! Long may it continue! Today was a day full of text. We’ve been slicing through the play and into the words to find out what the extraordinary language is saying. Shakespeare is truly brilliant and it is so exciting dissecting the play into pieces. I feel it is something we could spend 3 weeks alone on, but we must crack on with other things…



Text, text, text…it’s all about text on Wednesday. How to deliver the words intelligibly. Where to place and how to use punctuation. The ways to flirt with the musicality of the lines. And how to manipulate the devices Shakespeare hid in the play to help us make sense of the intentions of the characters thereof. 
We started our scrupulous textual study with the first ensemble scene in which Richard faces Queen Elizabeth and her entourage. Then we met the dishonored Queen Margaret that curses them all. We finished the day with the marvelous monologue Clarence gives just before his death. For those of you who know the play, this soliloquy was not in the original text but was put together from bits of scene 4 Act I buy our brilliant director Gavin Harrigton-Odedra.
Tomorrow, we will carry on with our work on text.

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