Richard III Rehearsals Week 2

One more week to go till we open.

It’s both exciting and scary. This final week is a big one for everyone and as always will be over before we know it. Our time has been mainly spent texting. And I don’t mean sitting on our phones sending random messages but going through the play chronologically breaking down in each line, each thought, everything really. This is a necessary process which takes time.

I thought this week I’d set a goal for myself, something I need to have achieved by the end of the week, giving me something strive for, whether it be in relation to the character and play or simply something new. I may discover something fantastic along the way. Not too sure what I’m thinking it should be but maybe when I decide I’ll share with you mid week.

Till Then


2 weeks of rehearsal done! Where is the time going? It seems only yesterday I was turning up to audition! Time flies when you’re having fun and fun is indeed what I’m having. I hope I can speak for the rest of the cast as well. But with all the fun there is double the amount of hard work going on. We have almost completed the text work for the whole play but every time you look at it there is more to discover. Shakespeare is a clever man! As well as the text work we’ve been devising and creating parts of the production. It is looking good! Have you got your tickets yet? I’m looking forward to this week of staging and further development of the production. 1 week to go…


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