Richard III Rehearsals Day 12

We started the day off with mapping the play, looking for all the deaths and executions. The score is… 1 corpse, 8 executions! Those people certainly knew how to party. Each death must be different. We went on a quest for effective weapons and carried on with pairing them up with executions. Staging was the next step and trust me, the atmosphere was gloom by the end of it. We won’t have any fake blood but who needs it when one can play with the power of anticipation… I won’t say more.
We also dealt with Henry IV’s corpse and the procession to Chertsey but I won’t give out anything on that. You’ll have to come and see it for yourself. All I will say is that it will be a magnificent ceremony doubled with heart felt speech from Lady Anne.
In the afternoon, we revisited the opening all the way to Anne’s scene.
And that’s a sixth of the play staged! Five sixth to go. 

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