Troilus & Cressida and Coriolanus Rehearsals Day 1

Through the rehearsal process, Paul Cristian Rogers and CJ De Mooi will be giving us glimpses into the rehearsal room with a daily blog.

Today it began officially. Our first day of rehearsals for the rep of Troilus & Cressida and Coriolanus. I think at this very early stage, the entire cast is feeling the scale of what lies ahead. It’s no small feat tackling a work of Shakespeare, let alone two. There may be many metaphors in the days and weeks ahead, so today’s is that the process right now feels like scaling a very high, very wordy mountain. It is steep and we can just about see the top, but there’s a lot of climbing to be done. Yet, we’re well equipped and most importantly most eager to climb this mountain. (Metaphor should stop now)

Moving on: today we had a read-through of both texts. Rather than sit down and glare at each other, we got it on its feet and saw a provisional look of how we can interact in the space. It was great to put faces to characters and feel for the first time the dynamics between the group; it’s only day one and there is so much potential- most exciting!

Speaking of the group, what a lovely bunch o’ folks, now need to make sure I remember everyone’s name.

Good times.



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