Troilus & Cressida and Coriolanus Rehearsals day 7

I went to the Globe after rehearsals, so that’s taking predominant form in my mind at the moment. However, there is some good of this. It was interesting to transport myself from actor in the rehearsal room, to the role of spectator hours later, and see the differences that exist between the two. It was hard at first to assimilate to being the end-user, I was grimacing at missed punctuation and then marveling at drawn-out thoughts that allowed me to understand what the character is saying.  Knowing the work that goes into making the text understood, and coming from this context into then seeing it in it’s end form was a startling reminder of why we are doing this.

And doing it we are. Today Coriolanus was again the focus of the day. Text-work and staging are beginning to move hand in hand now. And its exciting the see the glimpses of the final form taking shape. There is more than one use for a chair and certainly more than one way to sit on one, I’ll leave it at that. 

Anyone who has worked with Lazarus before may be familiar with the infamous Zeus squats. Today they reared their ugly head. Maybe I’m fitter than last time, but they weren’t as bad as I remember. Having said that I may be sore in the morning. We shall see. Movement exercises were also taken up a notch, and I’m pretty certain there was steam in the room at one point.

This week certainly has a more solid feel about it. We are building momentum and I think everyone can feel it. Tomorrow we return to Troy. Until then.

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