Troilus & Cressida and Coriolanus Rehearsals Day 8

It’s hard to believe it, but we are at the halfway point of both the second week, and the overall rehearsal period. Time is indeed flying by. Today was a blur, and I find myself with less musings on the generals and thinking more-so on the specifics. A side-effect of inadvertently counting down to previews I suspect. 

A highlight today was looking in detail at movement, particular in group. Speed, intentions and other considerations not normally considered were brought to forefront. A lot can be said about how one walks in a room. There’s a joke there somewhere about actors needing to learn how to walk and talk at the same time, but hey, I got something out of it. 

Most of what occurred today will seem most odd out of context, so in that spirit I can report that wrestling with some bunting was a low-point for me today, but I did eventually overcome the inanimate prop. However on the other hand, seeing Colette lean to fly was intriguing. Other concepts and semiotics were played with and some discoveries were made, others were vanquished, but one core tenant did emerge, which we shall be returning to in some more depthtomorrow. I detest spoilers, so I wont go into any more detail. But it is something that both creative and cast have a new gleam of enthusiasm for.  
Much like King Henry I shall infiltrate the cast and report back with some communal musings, whilst we are continue our sojourn in Troy for another day.

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