Troilus & Cressida and Coriolanus Rehearsals day 10

And its the end of week 2. Again the rate at which the hours fly by is unsettling. It has been a physically demanding week. But everyone in the cast was up for it and responded in kind.
It’s funny to see the switching of preference from one text to the other. At the end of week one, the majority of positive feelings would have leaned towards Coriolanus, and at the end of week two I’d wager the cast are champing at the bit for more of Troilus & Cressida. Harking back to before the rehearsals even started, I was of the same mindset. When reading the scripts, I straight away took to Coriolanus, whilst T & C took more effort. But the overcoming of this initial perception has been its own reward, and we have earned what good things contain within. But Mr Shakespeare really made us work for it. Fast-forwarding back to today, it’s great to see the two texts competing head to head for personal favorites. I wont tell what mine is yet, that’s for the end of week 3.
Good progress was made on both texts today. And a couple of concepts were put into practice. It really keeps you on your toes, and helps shake the complacency off when something new is tried. But you just have to roll with the punches and just go with it. To hear of the exciting concepts being discussed early on and then now seeing them take shape is most exhilarating too. But once again spoilers must be avoided, so I wont delve too much. Needless to say though, you will have never seen these texts presented in this way.  
There is still progress to be made and there are still issues to be worked out, of course; however, it is clear now that everyone in the room is fully capable of rising to this challenge. Because as our director said, they aint problems, they are challenges. There is a mutual trust forming, and it’s starting to show more and more each day.  Its a good feeling to end the week on a high note. Bring on the final week!

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