Troilus & Cressida and Coriolanus Rehearsals Day 9

Today was a most jovial day. Troy is being viewed through a rather unusual lens, but alas I cannot say more without giving the game away, but I did get to showcase my sweet 70’s dance moves. More on that later.

Transporting between Rome and Troy with the two texts, it was warned early on that confusion may occur. I dismissed this as unlikely, but today I did have momentary glimpses of unexpected cameos. Volumnia encountering Pandarus, or Coriolanus having a sparring session with Hector. It was most bizarre. However, coming to terms with that. We will be presenting two different texts with both a conceptual and physical differences. I guess I need to find a way of keeping those two worlds separate without them bleeding into one another. Anyone coming to see the shows in one night is in for a treat though. It’s not a marathon endurance of the classics, but rather they are going to match up side by side in an exciting way. 
I’m becoming familiar with the text and the overall story, so must remember that the people will be hearing it for the first time, and no detail or allusion can be placed without full intention. Dealing with Shakespeare can be like panning for gold, in that I hear or find something new each time a scene is played or monologue heard, but we are on the way to finding that most efficient and truthful way of getting to that gold.

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