Troilus & Cressida and Coriolanus Rehearsals day 11

And we embark into the third and final week. There is still loads of time left, depending on how you look at it, but being less than a week from previews does stir something inside. Passion, excitement, nerves? All three maybe. We started the day with a look at our movement, and in particular the levels of energy we bring into the room. Not being a morning person, I must confess there are times when it takes the motor a little longer to get going. But it’s an important consideration. The level of energy you bring can have a domino effect on those around you. When it comes to show-time you want to come out of the gates full throttle, and take the audience away with you right from the get go, rather than delicately revving your engine for the first few scenes. 

Also brought into forefront today was the notion of playing. Something that I often forget about. Strange, since that’s the very name of the thing we are setting out to do, a ‘play’. However, I oft get caught up in the thought that it’s all very ‘serious business’, and the urge to ‘get it right’ can then take over, denying you and those around you the potential that the scene actually has. Effort was made towards shaking off these shackles, and flipping the switch of not giving a darn about getting it right, and just having a bit of a play instead.
Turns out there is a lot you can play with in when looking at war, hopefully we can push it further. Rome continues to be our residence tomorrow. The countdown has begun.

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