Troilus & Cressida and Coriolanus Rehearsals day 13

Today was a day that saw many babies being born, a gardening adventure that spawned a new epic nautical-themed musical that was swiftly cancelled, and a crowing of the King of the LX tape. Confused? Good. It’s just another morning in the rehearsal room.
Since last I wrote, we now have a shape of Coriolanus, with the end of Troilus and Cressida also creeping into view. It’s a tremendous relief to be at this position for the staging of Coriolanus, as we are no longer at odds with the unknown, but now know the potential of the piece, and can work towards expanding it further. We now have our balloon, and we can now focus on getting as much air as we can and fill that balloon ’till it nearly pops. The figurative balloon for Coriolanus, and the literal one for T & C.

Interestingly, the issue of pace came up today. It was notable to see, that when the pace is energetic, the text flies off the page and the story races by, and you find yourself many episodes later. This production wont be a self-indulgent piece of angst and strife, but rather a ballsy, punchy, punchy-ballsy Shakespearean jackhammer.

Tomorrow we once again delve into Troy, as Rome waits patiently. We are hitting a stride, good thing to, with previews peeking around the corner.



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