Meet the cast – Colette O’Rourke


1)    What is your full name, and who do you play?
Colette O’Rourke, playing Cressida

 2)    What was your fist experience of theatre?
Pantomime at Christmas as a child at Bradford Alhambra. Particular highlights were the Chuckle Brothers and Lisa Riley, both of whom remain big influences….

 3)    Who is your biggest theatrical hero?
It’s probably a bit predictable but I’d have to say Meryl Streep. I adore her. All she does is listen and then tell the truth. A masterclass in ‘being’. She’s the ultimate chameleon and is not afraid of looking stupid, or ugly, or playing a ‘difficult’ stereotype. 
4)    What are you most looking forward to in the process and performance of Troilus & Cressida and Coriolanus?
Tackling how I can make Cressida a fully alive, believable character, that the audience invest in. 
5)    What was the best piece of theatre you have seen this year?
‘A View from the Bridge’ at the Young Vic. Sublime and simplistic. My heart was racing at the final image. And everything Nicola Walker does makes me want to bawl (in a good way…). 
6)    What Shakespearian role would you most like to play next?
I’m probably a wee bit too young but Lady Macbeth is a firm favourite, and such a huge challenge, so I would love to play her next. 
7)    Who would you say is the biggest influence in your life?
My family. The encouragement and support from them is endless so my motivation is always there to do a good job and make them proud. 
8)    If you had to be a cake, what cake would you be and why?
I’d be a Victoria sponge, because it’s classic, a firm fave, not too much, and never lets you down…
9)    If you wanted one thing for an audience to get out of Our World at War rep what would it be and why?
For them to want/need to talk about it in the bar afterwards, on the journey home, and the next day.
10)  We are playing with the idea of both plays are games, what’s your favourite board game and why?
Articulate. Guaranteed fun. You need good communication skills, knowledge, and earplugs as the desire to win usually reaches astronomical scales on the volume front. 

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