Troilus & Cressida and Coriolanus Rehearsals Day 15

The sirens that blared today signify not only the alarums of war, but also serve as a klaxon to the end of our three weeks of rehearsing at the Poor School. At the start of the day that fact was not resonating, but rather time has been fleeting. However, at the end of the day it was clear, and it showed evidently that we have been digging through these two very muscular texts. Running the whole, by which I mean both, plays in their entirety was the name of the game, and getting to have once last chance to just go for it in the safety of the rehearsal room. This was daunting and liberating in equal measures. The old ‘must get it right’ syndrome popped up for me, but melted away soon after, buoyant with the efforts of those around me, and that ‘fear’ turned to comfort. Two hours later, Troy and Rome had been visited and exited and we are now in possession of two rounded storming shows.

It happens in every rehearsal room, and I’m surprised I haven’t knocked it on the head by now, but that adage of endgaming, trying to picture the end product and aiming for it, instead of just living in the moment, was present for me in this process. Funny thing is, our show is both everything and nothing like I imagined it would turn out to be. And that’s a good thing.

So now we have tech and then it’s previews on Monday. If you need a reason to see these shows, aside from the obvious, it has to be the various pleasing tones of our cast. I’ve never worked with such a group of talented orators, from Dyfed’s soothing accent, to Chris’s musicality or Prince’s visceral tones, it’s caramel for the ears.



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